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The Terrano (half) Legacy 1.2

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The Terrano Legacy 1.1

It's been a long... long time but after what seems like ages I have sims stuff to post! However things have changed and I no longer have any of the sims I had as of my last post. In case people are wondering though the Anthilia Legacy made it up to Gen. 8 which is a new record for me. I miss them sometimes. :( Anyway, I've started playing and taking screenshots of my game again so I'm going to start sharing again!

Well, in my previous simming adventures I pretty much neglected all the premade sim families so this time around I decided I wanted to give some attention to some of the poor dearies I'd always ignored. First up is Stella Terrano, a University sim bin sim who I played through college thinking I was taking shots as I went only to find out the capping program I was using HATES my new computer. So, you get to see her after the college years.

Oh! I suppose I should also mention all the maxis sim legacies I'm attempting are only mini legacies. I plan on playing through Gen. 5 for each.

And without further apoo... I give you the Terrano legacy - version Mindy, in case it's been done already :)

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she lives!

Long time no update but big updates are coming! I'm playing through generation 7 of the Anthilia's right now and have taken far too many pictures. Just you wait henry higgins, just you wait!

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Slapdash top model - round 10

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Slapdash top model - round 9

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The Anthilia Legacy 6.1

WARNING: as usual there may be some sim nudity
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Slapdash top model - round 8

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Oh where oh where has my time gone?

I wanna play sims darnit! Ever since I started my full time job I've had zero time to play and it's really driving me crazy. I had more free time when I was in school and that baffles me. My weekend is just about over and since I need to get up at 5am I'm not about to start the game up now. I wanna see how Christina's kidlets turn out and it's driving me bonkers! *whines*

I have enough pictures for at least 1 small update to the Anthilia's but I haven't even had time to resize them yet. I would love to say I'll get them up within the week but I doubt it's going to happen since next weekend is jam packed already. *sigh* Don't forget me while I'm being a boring grown up my lovely simmers. I miss you!

Slapdash top model - round 7

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The Anthilia Legacy 5.3

Warning: nudity!
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The Anthilia Legacy 5.2

WARNING - nudity
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Slapdash Top Model - round 6

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They will return

Just wanted to apologize for my disappearance as of late. I'm just finishing up school. I graduate in about 3 weeks then I should have more time for simming.

Also... I had said before the Anthilia's were no more... well, I lied. The legacy should be returning shortly. Sorry about such a long wait!

Slapdash Top Model - round 5

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Slapdash Top Model - round 4

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And lastly... while some may not be very happy with me but, the Anthilia and Tudyk legacies are no more *hides* I got a new computer and neglected to transfer my existing neighborhoods when I installed the game on here. Sorry! I didn't have the patience. I just started a new legacy however so look out for that soon. This one I plan on finishing XP